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Patio plastic pot


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  • Sturdy and weatherproof
  • Designed with professional gardeners
  • Includes pot mover

Create 'statement' displays for patios or entrances with these large outdoor pots.

Cylindrical and embellished with frieze detail, the classically styled pots lend a grand and formal air to any garden - perfect for displaying manicured and topiary plants like buxus balls.

Designed with professional gardeners, the pots are made from high-quality lightweight plastic with a base that offers optimum drainage and aeration.

The waterproof and non-porous plastic impedes bacterial growth and stops the soil drying out, and is both frost-proof (withstanding temperatures as low as -20 degrees C), and UV-resistant (so it stays looking new for longer).

Each pot includes a set of wheels which clicks into place and allows easy transportation around the garden.

W40cm x H34cm
W48cm x H40cm
W58cm x H49cm
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