Self watering tower pots


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This self-watering pot set comprises of four seperate stacking compartments which stack neatly on top of one another..Each set (1 set = 4 tiers) holds up to 14 strawberries or flowering plants to create an impressive cascading display when stacked. Each pot/layer has it's own built-in filling point and reservoir which allows water to be drawn up naturally as the plant needs it. The tower can be left for several days without watering without fear of the plants drying out. The pots are available in a terracotta colour with a matching base. One set stacks to a height of 59cm.

The photographs show a tower of two sets stacked on top of each other - it is housing 24 strawberry plants. Over a few hot days and without replenishing the water reservoirs the soil remained damp and moist where as the soil in the neighbouring and more conventional pots was considerably drier and required daily watering.

This is an excellent solution for growing healthy herbs, plants or strawberries in tight spaces without having to constantly water them.

  • Height - 59cm
  • Diameter of tower - 27cm
  • Diameter of each section - 10cm

    Instructions for watering:
  • Filling points must be free of soil to allow for watering. When filling with soil block filling hole with tissue to ensure no soil fills this hole.
  • Approximate capacity per planter 450ml (3/4 pint). Do not overfill otherwise the planter chamber will fill with too much water.
    Each towerpot set comes complete with assembly and growing instructions.