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Steel fire basket


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This simple, elegant fire basket is designed to be used outdoors. It will take several burning logs. The open sides allow the heat to radiate out keeping everyone huddled around it warm. We also offer a round tray for it to sit on (sold separately) so that no harm comes to the surface that it is on.

Although the steel is finished to a high standard with a powder coat - over time it will show some signs of rust as the paint burns off and if left outside.


  • Height - 55.5cm
  • Diameter - 50.3cm
  • Base diameter 40cm

Warning: For outdoor use only. Keep children and pets away from the brazier when lit. Always position the brazier away from buildings and place on a safe non-flammable surface. If using the brazier on a paved patio, we recommend that you place it on an additional protective paving stone made from solid natural stone or concrete, with a minimum thickness of 5cm. This will avoid possible discolouration and cracking of your patio. Please note that some patios may be paved with mock slabs, made from resin or ceramic, that may be susceptible to cracking or discolouration with heat.

Our braziers are designed to be used with either logs or charcoal, not with coal.
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