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Wire hanging basket

360mm - 14


in stock

Classic terracotta pot

29cm wide × 23.4cm


in stock

Golden larch trough on legs

long trough on legs


in stock

Cast iron hanging basket

26cm diameter

Offer was £24.99 £19.99

in stock

Cast iron wall manger



in stock

Cast iron pot mover


in stock

Terracotta long tom pot

small 26cm × 33cm


in stock

Pair of self-watering hanging baskets

33cm dia.


in stock

Plastic rhubarb forcer



in stock

Aged ceramic long tom pot

single pot


in stock

Lucca terracotta pot

small - 44cm dia


in stock

Empoli terracotta lily pot



in stock

Paper potter

makes 4 × 5cm pots

Offer was £12.99 £10.39

in stock

Hanging basket liner

for 40cm 16" baskets


in stock

Brussels diamond round pot cover, 16cm

red, 16cm


in stock

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