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Aged ceramic long tom pot

single pot


in stock

Corsica flower bridge, 30cm

Anthracite, 30cm


in stock

Loire triple pot planter


in stock

Loire basket


in stock

Loire bracket


in stock

Galvanised planter with rope handles

large - 41cm dia


in stock

Galvanised window trough



in stock

Galvanised metal planters

set of 5


in stock

Set of six galvanised pots

set of six 9cm pots


in stock

Galvanised pots in a tray

3 pots

Offer was £19.99 £16.99

in stock

Single galvanised pot

medium 17cm


in stock

Urban pot, 29cm



in stock

Corsica easy hanger pot



in stock

Galvanised metal trough


available to order from spring 2018

16 resultsSort by Showing page 1 of 1