× Oncidopsis 'Nelly Isler' orchid & pot cover combination

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× Oncidopsis 'Nelly Isler' orchid & pot cover combination

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  • Position: bright but indirect light
  • Soil: these plants do not need to grow in compost, but if potting up, use a specialist orchid compost
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Hardiness: tender (indoors only)
  • Current height: plant approximately 60cm
  • Number of stems: 2 flower stems
  • Pot cover: includes the orchid high pot cover

    This showy orchid and this high-quality plastic pot are made for each other, as once unpacked, you can simply pop the plant in and display it beautifully. The gorgeous flowers also have a light scent.

  • Home care: Water weekly by sitting the pot in a tray of water (or the kitchen sink) for 15 minutes so it can soak up as much as it likes, then leave it to drain thoroughly before moving it back into position. Maintain temperatures around 15-24°C and keep it in a bright spot with protection from direct sunshine during spring and summer. Don't worry if the roots grow outside the pot. In their native environment, they grow in the crooks of branches, and use these aerial roots to absorb water from the air. They do not mind being overcrowded in their pots, so you only need to repot them when the growth starts to suffer.

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