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Hippeastrum 'Royal Red' - red amaryllis & pot cover combination

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Hippeastrum 'Royal Red' - red amaryllis & pot cover combination

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  • Position: bright but not in full sun
  • Soil: moderately fertile, well-drained soil or in loam-based compost, such as John Innes no2, with additional leaf mould and sharp sand
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: October to January
  • Hardiness: frost tender (will need winter protection)
  • Pot covers: comes wth 14cm pot cover

    If you want immediate impact this is the plant for you. Delivered already potted and growing it will have developed buds that could just be beginning to show colour, and will be in flower within a few weeks. Then you can enjoy the gorgeous sumptous scarlet red blooms held aloft on strong stems. Wonderful instant gift for friends and family, or for you!

    Once flowering has finished cut off the flower stalk 5-10cm above the bulb - don't cut off the foliage. Water when the surface of the compost is dry and feed regularly with a balanced liquid fertiliser. Usually the best thing to do is keep watering it through the summer and in autumn stop watering and move to a dark, dim spot. This stimulates the drought season of the plant’s native South America. Allow it to dry out for a few months so that the foliage wilts and dies back. In November bring it back in to the light and start watering again. Old foliage should be removed though take care not to cut any new shoots off. In a few weeks a new flower shoot will appear and flower just in time for Christmas.

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