Complete Orchid Gift Set - Night Owl

Complete Orchid Gift Set - Night Owl

  • available to order from autumn
  • combination set
  • £109.99
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  • Position: bright but indirect light
  • Rate of growth: slow to average
  • Hardiness: tender (indoors only)

    A stylish white-glazed, Nordic inspired gift set, perfect for minimalistic home-offices, table displays, or for brightening up a dull corner shelf. A collection of beautifully themed, glazed pot covers (one with an elevated stand counted as a single item), a charming, geometric bird ornament, and a round braided tray are all included to give a brightly lit spot that 'Hygge', calm look

    Nine items in total including the indoor plants listed below:

    Echeveria 'Miranda': A stunning succulent with a compact, attractive rosette with mid-green leaves and red/pink margins. Long stems bear pinkish-red flowers in summer. Grows to 10cm.

    Crassula 'Hobbit': Many of the fleshy leaves of this little treasure form tubes along their length, and this, combined with the red flush at their tips, makes them really unusual. In time, this small, shrubby succulent may also produce white star-shaped flowers. Grows to 90cm.

    Phalaenopsis ‘Amabilis': An award winning, upright orchid with oval, fleshy leaves which grow to 50cm long. Numerous, scented, long-lasting white flowers, up to 10cm across, with a white and yellow lip and red throat are borne from autumn to early spring on branched racemes. Grows to 80cm.

    Please note: We work with live products so the species depicted may different from the photos due to seasonal availability.

    Home care: The succulents prefer a brightly lit, sunny spot. During the growing season, water thoroughly - making sure the excess water drains away freely. Then, when the compost has dried out, repeat the process. Water very sparingly in winter.

    Phalaenopsis ‘Amabilis’ is best placed on a sunny windowsill during the winter months. During the summer, the plant prefers shelter from strong afternoon sun. Water from the bottom by sitting the plant in a bowl of water for one hour once a week and allow to drain. Rainwater is preferred over tap water. When flowers have finished, snip off at the stem and maintain regular watering and new growth should appear in time. Mist occasionally to maintain a humid environment which the plant enjoys in the wild. Apply a liquid fertiliser fortnightly from spring to summer. Maintain a stable temperature between 16-21°C.