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Classic terracotta pot

Ø15cm x H13.4cm


in stock

Cast iron hanging basket

26cm diameter


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Yorkshire terracotta long tom pot

large 42cm × 54cm


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Aged ceramic hanging basket

Ø25cm x H12cm


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Terracotta oil pot

small - 28cm

Offer was £59.99 £47.99

in stock

Embossed galvanised window trough



in stock

Terracotta grow pot

short - 14cm


in stock

Terracotta saucer



in stock

Terracotta babylon hanging pot

small - 19cm


in stock

Galvanised planter with handles



in stock

Single galvanised pot - choice of 5 sizes

large 20cm


in stock

Galvanised metal trough

21 x 45 x 24cm

Offer was £23.99 £19.19

in stock

Set of three galvanised wall planters

21cm x 25cm x 21cm


in stock

Three galvanised pots and stand

pots - 20cm


in stock

Classic terracotta half pot

Ø25cm x H17.5cm


in stock

Yorkshire terracotta flower pot

Ø33cm x H32cm


in stock

Aged ceramic flower pot - set of 3

set of three


in stock

Monachou fardipati terracotta pot

small - 35cm


in stock

Galvanised tray - choice of 5 sizes

Ø23cm × H5.5cm


in stock

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