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Saxifraga stolonifera - mother of thousands & hanging bowl combination

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Saxifraga stolonifera - mother of thousands & hanging bowl combination

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  • Position: ideally bright, indirect light
  • Soil: good, freely draining potting compost
  • Rate of growth: fast
  • Hardiness: tender (indoors only)

    The 'mother' plant forms a rosette of attractively veined leaves, each of which has a reddish-plum reverse, and it sends out slender stems, which are studded with lots of 'baby' plants along their length. Commonly called mother of thousands (amongst many other things), it is an incredibly easy plant to propagate, so you will soon be able to create new plants to give to your friends. It's primarily grown for its colourful foliage, however an added bonus is the clusters of small cream flowers it produces in summer.

    In this combination, we've paired the plant with our hanging ribbed bowl (Ø27cm x H14cm) so you can create a dramatic cascading display indoors.

    Made from spun mild steel, the bowl has an aged rust finish and comes with a 55cm steel cable hanger which includes a 7cm hanging loop.

  • Home care: Keep well watered during the warmer months, but try to avoid leaving water droplets on the foliage. In winter, don't water as often, allowing the compost to become drier. Avoid placing in areas of high humidity.
Please note: hang on a secure hook out of reach of children. Avoid filling to the brim with soil as this will add unnecessary weight. We suggest filling to around 2 inches from the top, which will also help the bowl retain water.

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