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Indoor plants

Create a lush, leafy oasis inside your home or office by adding some indoor plants. Whether you’re looking for a low maintenance succulent for a sunny windowsill, have a large corner that’s crying out for a more exotic specimen, or simply want to buy a flowering house plant for a gift, you’ll find the perfect option in our impressive range.

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Large-leaved plants

These large, luxuriant or brightly coloured foliage of these indoor plants will create a jungle-like feel to your room.

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Plants for cleaner air

Whether placed on your bedside table or next to your laptop, not only will these plants look great, but they’ll also filter impurities from the air you breathe.

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Indoor pots & accessories

Distinct textures or contrasting colours? Browse our pots to suit your style.

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Flowering plants

Adding warmth and colour to the home, these plants make wonderful gifts. Alternatively, use them to create a gorgeous centrepiece for the Christmas table.

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