Icing sugar sweet pea seed collection

sweet pea collection

Icing sugar sweet pea seed collection

sweet pea collection

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  • £9.07
  • available to order from autumn 2024
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  • Position: Full sun
  • Soil: Moderately fertile, moist but well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: Fast
  • Flowering: June to September
  • Hardiness: Frost tender (will need winter protection)

Hints of bubble-gum pink, lavender and plain white, flow through this elegant and enchanting sweet pea blend, perfect as cut flowers, bringing delicate perfume to floral arrangements.

In this sweet and romantic collection of spectacular sweet peas, you will receive one packet of approximately 20 seeds of each of the following three average to fast-growing varieties (approximately 60 seeds).

  • Lathyrus odoratus 'Gwendoline': Creamy-white petals, which look like they have been dipped in pink icing sugar, form luscious sprays of flowers that appear in profusion in summer. This headily-scented variety looks great scrambling over an obelisk or sprawling over a hospitable, neighbouring shrub. Grows to 1.8m.

  • Lathyrus odoratus 'Mollie Rilstone': Each picotee petal has a creamy coloured base that becomes pinker towards the outer edges. The scent of the flowers is strong and delicious and the blooms are of exhibition quality. Grows to 1.8m.

  • Lathyrus odoratus'Royal Wedding': The fragrant, creamy white flowers are produced in open clusters on long stems throughout the summer and contrast well with the greyish-green foliage. An elegant sweet pea that has a delicious scent. Grows to 1.8m.

  • Garden care:
    Gradually harden off the seedlings before planting them out into well-prepared soil, enriched with lots of well-rotted organic matter. Pinch out the growing tips of the young plants as they grow to encourage bushier growth, and provide support for the stems. Apply a balanced liquid plant food every two weeks while in growth. Removing the faded flowers before they set seed will encourage even more to form - which makes them perfect for adding to vases or posies.

  • Sowing instructions:
    From October to late February, sow seeds into deep pots or root trainers filled with good-quality seed compost and place them in a cold frame. Then, after the worst frosts have passed, the seedlings can either be planted out or potted up for the patio. Alternatively, direct sowings can be made in October, or March to April.

  • Sow: October to April
    • Humans/Pets: Harmful if eaten

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