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Neapolitan tulip collection - 80+40 Free bulbs

tulip collection

Neapolitan tulip collection - 80+40 Free bulbs

tulip collection

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    Buy one collection of 40 tulips for £26.95 or buy 2 for £53.90 and get another collection FREE - that's 120 bulbs for only £53.90.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    In each collection you will receive the following:

    10 × Tulipa 'Tres Chic'
    Pointed petals flare out from a nipped-in waist, creating an elegant silhouette that will add interest to the bedding scheme when teamed with more traditionally shaped tulips. Grows to 40cm.

    10 × Tulipa 'Queen of Night'
    These are probably the best loved of the deep purple tulips. Their velvety, dark maroon, single, cup-shaped flowers on straight stems in May are stunning, so they do deserve their acclaim. The almost-black tulips work well in a 'bruised' coloured border, planted between other plum-coloured flowers and foliage plants. Grows to 60cm.

    10 × Tulipa 'China Pink'
    A recipient of the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society, it is beautiful and easy to grow. It has a small lily-shaped pink flower which has a lighter base and rim to each petal. Lily-shaped tulips tend to have slim stems that look delicate, but actually are pretty sturdy and upright. Grows to 50cm.

    10 × Tulipa 'Princesse Charmante'
    Like many other members of the greigii group, the leaves of this tulip are attractively mottled with maroon. The simmering red and orange flowers appear in March or April, providing a bold blast of seasonal colour for the front of the border, rockery or patio pot. Relatively short as far as tulips go, their flowers nonetheless are large in comparison and very showy. Grows to 30cm.

  • Garden care: From August to November plant the bulbs 10-15cm deep and 10-15cm apart in a sunny spot with fertile, well-drained soil. While actively growing, keep them moderately well watered and remove the flowers after they have faded. At that stage a balanced liquid fertiliser can be applied each week for 4 weeks before they die down.
  • Humans: Harmful if eaten; skin allergen; Pets: Ornamental bulbs - not to be eaten

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