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DeWit ladies fork 4 prong ash handle

DeWit ladies fork 4 prong ash handle

DeWit ladies fork 4 prong ash handle

DeWit ladies fork 4 prong ash handle

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  • Lightweight and easy to handle
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Beautifully proportioned DeWit fork with a smaller head and shorter handle to keep it light and manoeuvrable.

Like all DeWit forks, it’s built to last from forged steel and shock-resistant ash, with four sharp tines and a robust connection between shaft and head.

Great for turning over ground, harvesting vegetables, digging and aerating in smaller beds, borders and vegetable plots. Also makes a great everyday fork for gardeners who prefer a lighter tool.

As the handle will naturally shrink over time, a locking nut fixes the head in place, letting you simply re-tighten it to keep the tool solid and strong for a lifetime.

Please note: take care not to place excessive strain on wooden handles when levering out roots or rocks in very firm soil. To help, water the area well to soften ground first. A crowbar may be more suitable for very heavy or stubborn obstacles.

W15cm x D6cm x L100cm
Weight 1.6kg

About DeWit tools

The Dutch are renowned for making the world’s finest garden tools, and DeWit is the most respected name of all. Founded in 1898, the family-owned toolmaker combines old-fashioned quality and craftsmanship with innovative design to create superior tools that last a lifetime.

Every tool is hand-forged in the Netherlands from tough boron steel - shaped, sharpened and burnished for durability, giving it the same blackened patina as traditional Edwardian tools. Each is fitted with an FSC-certified solid ash handle for ultimate strength and shock resistance, oiled to provide first-class protection against the elements.

All DeWit tools come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, making them a truly once in a lifetime purchase.