DeWit tulip and daffodil bulb planter

DeWit tulip and daffodil bulb planter

DeWit tulip and daffodil bulb planter

DeWit tulip and daffodil bulb planter

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  • Long handle saves bending to prevent backache
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This long-handled planter makes it quick and easy to create planting holes for your bulbs from a standing position.

With a sharpened steel nose and handy foot peg, the planter slices out a cone of turf or soil to leave a neat hole ready for planting.

To use, push it firmly into the ground, lift it out and make the next hole. The force you apply should push out the soil plug from the previous hole, and so on.

Carry on until you have made all the holes you need, then pop in your bulbs and use the soil plugs to cover them.

You can easily create multiple holes of the same depth (11cm) with no bending, digging or measuring, and without disturbing other plants close by.

Like all DeWit tools, the planter is built to last from burnished carbon steel with an oiled ash handle. As the handle will naturally shrink over time, a locking nut fixes the head in place - letting you simply re-tighten it to keep the tool solid and strong.

Please note: in heavy clay soils, you may need to manually remove plugs of soil from the tool in order to make the next planting hole.

Head 6cm wide (2.36”)
Total length 95cm (37.5”)
Weight 1.35kg

About DeWit tools

The Dutch are renowned for making the world’s finest garden tools, and DeWit is the most respected name of all. Founded in 1898, the family-owned toolmaker combines old-fashioned quality and craftsmanship with innovative design to create superior tools that last a lifetime.

Every tool is hand-forged in the Netherlands from tough boron steel - shaped, sharpened and burnished for durability, giving it the same blackened patina as traditional Edwardian tools. Each is fitted with an FSC-certified solid ash handle for ultimate strength and shock resistance, oiled to provide first-class protection against the elements.

All DeWit tools come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, making them a truly once in a lifetime purchase.

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