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Three in one folding cloche

Three in one folding cloche

Three in one folding cloche

Three in one folding cloche

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  • L120cm
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  • L144cm
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  • Shortlisted for RHS Product of the Year
  • Strong steel construction
  • Nesting design for easy storage

Developed by the Crocus team, this adjustable mesh cloche can be whatever you need it to be - a long cloche, a bell cloche or two wall cloches.

The two halves can be used independently against a wall, fence or greenhouse, or fastened together and used either lengthways or upright. When used long and low, it's ideal for protecting rows of small plants or seedlings, and used tall and slender it’s great for mature plants and young shrubs.

Quick and easy to assemble, the two halves fix together via a simple hoop fastener. In the winter months, the two halves can be nested neatly inside each other for compact storage in the shed.

Alternatively, placing the cloche over tender plants or spring bulbs will prevent snow from settling, making the ground less likely to freeze.

Produced from steel wire woven around a 6mm steel rod frame and powder coated in green. Available in a choice of two sizes (sold separately). Please be aware that natural wear and tear may result in exposed metal areas that will rust over time.

Measurements of the different configurations (approx):
Small - L120cm x W44cm x H35cm (long and low) / L70cm x W44cm x H60cm (tall and slender) / L35cm x W44cm x H60cm (wall cloche)

Large - L144cm x W48cm x H40cm (long and low) / L80cm x W48cm x H72cm (tall and slender) / L40cm x W48cm x H72cm (wall cloche)

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