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Large bauble tealight holder

1 × bauble


in stock

Cast iron hanging basket

26cm diameter


in stock

Cast iron wall manger



in stock

Cast iron pot mover


in stock

Ladybird hotel


in stock

Cast iron boot airer 2 or 4 pair rack

2-pair rack

Offer was £99.99 £79.99

in stock

Wicker hedgehog house


in stock

Canada green lawn seed

500g treats 18.6m²


in stock

Sparrow flats


in stock

Yorkshire terracotta long tom pot

large 42cm × 54cm


in stock

Wool refill - bird nesting material

single refill pack


in stock

Mini rainsaver water butt

100 litre


in stock

Harcostar water butt stand

For 114l, 168l, 227l


in stock

Harcostar water butt

114 litre


in stock

Harcostar long linking kit for water butts

long linking kit


in stock

Harcostar overflow kit for water butts

overflow kit


in stock

2537 resultsSort by Showing page 2 of 127