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Heavy duty nut feeder



in stock

Toast holder for feeding birds

toast holder


in stock

Universal squirrel baffle


in stock

Suet cake 10 pack - bird food

Offer was £10.99 £8.99

in stock

Twin shepherd's hook

feeders not included


in stock

Feeder 'S' hook


Offer was £3.99 £3.49

in stock

Glazed ceramic toad house

Offer was £11.99 £9.99

in stock

Blue tit nesting box


in stock

Bumblebee nest


in stock

Fat snax feeder ring


in stock

Stake bird bath - white



in stock

Heavy duty feeder tray - seed saver

tray only


in stock

Porcelain bird feeder on a stake



in stock

No nets suet balls

50 suet balls


in stock

Goldfinch feeder tube


in stock

Timelapse camera


in stock

Christmas pudding bird food cake

Offer was £2.99 £2.59

in stock

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