How to plant a potted rose

Whatever your colour preference, there’s a rose to suit, and something for every spot in the garden, brightening up borders, spreading over low banks, clambering up walls and fences or scrambling over pergolas. To make choosing easier, they’re categorised according to growing and flowering habit: climbers and ramblers; hedging plants; bush, groundcover, shrub and smaller patio roses. Speed of growth and ultimate size vary hugely, so think about where you want your rose to go – and bear in mind that, although there are some shade-tolerant roses, most prefer a sunny spot.

1. First, water the plant really well. If it’s bone dry, plunge the pot into a bucket of water, hold it down until bubbles
2. Dig a hole at least double the size of the pot, removing weeds and large stones. Break up the bottom of the hole with a fork and add plenty of well-rotted manure or compost.
3. Tap the rose gently from its pot and plant with the surface of the compost level with or slightly below the surrounding soil. If you like, treat with Empathy Rose Rootgrow when planting to help it establish.
4. Backfill with soil and firm in with your boot. Water thoroughly and keep watered until growing strongly.
5. Mulch with a 6-8cm layer of garden compost or Strulch to lock in moisture and suppress weeds.

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