Iris collection

iris collection

Iris collection

iris collection

  • 1 × collection | 3 rhizomes
  • £17.99
  • available to order from autumn 2024
  • 2 + 1 FREE collections | 9 rhizomes
  • £35.98
  • available to order from autumn 2024
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  • Bulbs (only) £4.95
Buy the collection of 3 bearded iris (1 of each variety) for £17.99 or buy 2 collections for £35.98 and get another collection FREE.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: well-drained, moderately fertile, neutral to acidic soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: May to June
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    Much-loved additions to the late spring and early summer garden, these gorgeous iris are invaluable for filling the gap between the last of the tulips and the first flowers of the summer perennials.

    In each collection you will receive three bare root iris plants - one of each of the following:

  • 'Burgemeister': Bred by the hybridizer Schreiner and introduced in 1987, ‘Burgermeister’ is described as a first rate garden plant. Between May June rosy violet falls and soft buff cream standards subtly infused with a hint of lavender in the midribs emerge with fans of sword-shaped, grey-green leaves. Grows to 75cm.

  • 'Edith Wolford': An eye-catching iris, with lovely ruffled flowers that are made up with a topknot of pale buttery-yellow standards, which sit above the rich violet falls. Appearing from May to June, the large flowers appear on sturdy stems, which rise from amongst the lance-shaped foliage. 'Edith Wolford' looks great when teamed with the yellow Tulipa 'Honky Tonk', or contrast it with the deeply coloured Tulipa 'Queen of Night'. Grows to 75cm.

  • 'English Cottage': The large flowers of this bearded iris are subtly infused with both lilac and yellow, creating an almost ethereal yet luminous head that looks wonderful in the low light. As its name suggests, this gorgeous plant is well suited to the English cottage garden, where it will flourish in a sun-baked spot. Grows to 75cm.

    These are sold as bare root plants, which have recently been dug up from the ground. Therefore, they usually look a bit wilted and sad, however field grown plants are usually stronger and they will soon perk up very quickly when they are planted out in the garden or a patio pot.

  • Garden care: These are sold as bare root plants should be planted out as soon as possible after they arrive. Plant them shallowly with the upper part of the rhizome sitting on the surface of the soil, incorporating a low nitrogen fertiliser in the planting hole. After planting remove the uppermost third of the leaves to protect against wind rock. In exposed areas stake with bamboo canes in early spring. Remove the stems after flowering from the base as this will concentrate the plant's energy into producing new rhizomes. Divide and replant about every three years.
  • Harmful if eaten

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