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Hanging glass triangle terrarium

Offer was £25.99 £20.79

in stock

Wall mounted/windowsill plant terrarium

Offer was £24.99 £19.99

in stock

Pori hanging planter terrarium



in stock

Manduri hanging planter terrarium


Offer was £39.99 £31.99

in stock

Aketa terrarium

antique zinc

Offer was £15.99 £12.79

in stock

Igara mango wood terrarium

mango wood and glass

Offer was £84.99 £67.99

in stock

Windowsill terrarium


in stock

Terrarium with brass base tray



in stock

Plant terrarium charcoal


in stock

Plant terrarium soil


in stock

Plant terrarium drainage stones



in stock

Plant terrarium funnel


in stock

House terrarium


available to order from winter

Teardrop terrarium


Coming soon

17 resultsSort by Showing page 1 of 1