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Classic terracotta pot

Ø11cm × H9cm


in stock

Golden larch window box


in stock

Cast iron pot holder pair


in stock

Cast iron hanging basket

26cm diameter


in stock

Cast iron wall manger



in stock

Cast iron pot mover


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Yorkshire terracotta long tom pot

large 42cm × 54cm


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Pair of self-watering hanging baskets

41cm dia.


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Aged ceramic hanging basket

Ø25cm x H12cm


in stock

Pot brush



in stock

Aged ceramic long tom pot

single pot


in stock

Lucca terracotta pot

large - 60cm dia


in stock

Empoli terracotta lily pot



in stock

Paper potter

makes 4cm × 5cm pots


in stock

Hanging basket liner

for 40cm 16" baskets


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638 resultsSort by Showing page 1 of 32