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Cast iron hanging basket

26cm diameter


in stock

Cast iron wall manger



in stock

Pair of self-watering hanging baskets

41cm dia.


in stock

Aged ceramic hanging basket

Ø25cm x H12cm


in stock

Hanging basket liner

for 40cm 16" baskets

Offer was £3.29 £2.63

in stock

Terracotta babylon hanging pot



in stock

Geo hanging pot holder

Offer was £3.99 £3.19

in stock

Hanging bowl


Offer was £7.99 £6.39

in stock

Vitax tub and hanging basket feed

1 litre


in stock

Pot with hanger

H160 × 155mm

Offer was £17.99 £14.39

in stock

Spanish style hanging basket



in stock

Traditional hanging basket bracket


Offer was £5.99 £4.79

in stock

Scrolled bracket



in stock

Coco fibre liner

coco liner


in stock

Hanging glass triangle terrarium

Offer was £25.99 £20.79

in stock

Hanging aged ribbed planter

Ø28cm x H22cm

Offer was £18.99 £15.19

in stock

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